Monday, 27 April 2015

Barry M 'In a heart beat'

Morning ladies and gents :) I hope you had a polish-erific weekend! I spent mine polishing my nails and baking! I made an amazing lemon cake! (I'm so modest ;)). If you know any great baking bloggers or vloggers, please let me know in the comments, I'm in need of new, interesting and or failsafe recipes!

Today I have a very pretty Spring polish to show you, this is 'In a heart beat' by Barry M which is part of their new speedy collection. I've done a few posts on these now and said how much I love them, the brush is amazing, the polish dries fast and it comes in lots of pretty colours! I'm not going to go on and on (again) about how fab these are but I will say i definitely recommend them and as soon as they release new colours in this formula with this brush, I'll be on immediately!

This peachy colour is so lovely! I think I'll do some white and silver stamping over this shade soon!

To get this finish I used one coat of base coat, two coats of the Barry M polish and one coat of top coat.

Tara x

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Tinkerbell nail art!

Hi! It's taken me two days to take all my polishes off their shelves and dust the shelves before putting all the polishes back! I hope you're having as much fun this weekend as I am!

Today I'm going to show you my Tinkerbell nail art! Nearly two years ago I did some Peter Pan nail art which you can see here and as I'm currently suffering some major writers block, I thought now would be a good time to practise some nail art and do Tink nails! 

These are all the polishes I used for this nail art.

And here are the finished nails! I know they're not perfect or anything but I'm really proud of them!

If you've done any nail art this weekend, feel free to link your posts below :)

Tara x

Saturday, 25 April 2015

OPI 'Your web or mine' and MoYou London stamping!

Good morning polish peeps! Yesterday I got EPIC nail mail - nearly 100 bottles! So I will have so much to show you soon! 

Today I have a post full of bargains to show you! I was recently lucky enough to find someone on Facebook selling the OPI Spider-Man collection, new, in it's box and so pretty! I've wanted this collection for ages so I was so happy to find it! I also have some MoYou London stamping sets which I got in Boots for just £5.75 reduced from £22.99  to show you! Thank you to Samantha from TheNailandBeautyFiles for sharing her find so we could all scour our local Boots for them!

So, here is the OPI polish. It's so beautiful. it's a rose pink frost but it kind of looks more like a foil than a frost. It's hard to describe but it's very pretty!

To get this finish, I used one coat of Duri rejuvacote as my base, two colour coats and one coat of Duri as a top coat.

I'm a big fan of OPI polishes. I think they have amazing colours in nice bottles with great brushes and easy to work with formulas and this polish doesn't disappoint! It applies really well, dries fast and is opaque in two coats.

Another thing I love about OPI is that the quality of the brush on their mini bottles is the same quality as their full size bottles which a lot of companies neglect!

And here are the MoYou stamping sets I got! Each one contains; an instruction book, two plates, a stamper and scraper set and three polishes! I love them so much!

I didn't want to cover up too much of the pretty OPI polish but I did want to try out the MoYou polishes as I have some of their plates and stampers and scrapers but I've never tried their polish! I used the Princess 05 plate to stamp on my ring fingers using the black MoYou polish.

I loved the plate I used, I'm always impressed with the quality of the MoYou plates! The polish was fab too, really opaque and quick drying.

Tara x

Friday, 24 April 2015

Silent Friday? Pink Moyra polish

Hi! I've been playing around a lot with the layout of my blog and I'm still working on some stuff. I unfortunately can't centre all my old photos but I'm hoping from now on, the photos will be clear and centred and that my posts will be easy to read no matter what device you're on with all the stuff that was cluttering up my sidebar now up there ^ If you have any feedback, you know where the comments box is ;) For now, i'm going to leave you with a single shot of a pink textured polish from Moyra, 50% because it;s pretty and 50% to see if I've worked out how to centre now ;)

See ya soon!

Tara x

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Simpsons nail art!

Hi! I'm so bored being stuck in the house with my bad eye, I'm contemplating a bedazzled patch! I hope you're having a nice week and if you happen across holo'd and diamante'd eye patches give me a shout ;)

Today I've got some Simpsons nail art to show you! Here's what I used;

Mint London - coco banana, cirque le soir and dogtown 
Rimmel - bare necessities 
Barry m - blue grape
George at ASDA - matte top coat 
Unbranded pink
Nail striper
Dotting tool
Simpsons stickers - Marge and Homer features

I used three coats of this bright yellow Mint London polish as a base. I then applied the Marge and Homer stickers to my middle and ring finger nails. Using a striper and a black Mint London polish, I roughly drew on Homer's 'Hair' and using a dotting tool and Barry M in 'blue grape' I dotted on marge's hair.

Using a dotting tool and a nude Rimmel polish I dotted on some doughnuts on my index finger nail. When that was dry I dotted on some pink polish over the top leaving the nude polish peeking out the edges. I left that to dry and then dotted on some tiny white dots as sprinkles.

I then used a striper and black polish to write 'Doh!' on my pinkie finger nail. I wrote that for two reasons, one; it's Homer's catchphrase and two; I knew my writing would be a bit of a fail ;) I'm pretty happy with it though!

I finished off with the George at ASDA matte top coat which is about £2 and is my favourite!

Tara x