Monday, 24 August 2015

Nella 'Mulberry wood' and gold nail art

Hi! I'm not getting much sleep at the moment, I've been up listing new polishes on (use the code HAPPY50 to save 50%) and now I can't sleep so I thought I'd post this glam mani to show you!

To do this mani I used 'Mulberry wood' from Nella Milano. I've previously reviewed this polish here

I used two coats as a base for the mani. It applies really smoothly to an even, opaque finish and it's really shiny!

Over the polish I used gold paint in three shades on my index finger, a gold half pearl on my middle finger, some purple and gold reflective diamantes on my ring finger and some flat, gold embellishments on my pinkie finger.

I used top coat and a wax pencil to apply the embellishments.

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Tara x

Friday, 21 August 2015

Models own 'Gumballs'

Hi! This week has been so busy! I've spent far too much time in Ikea, lots of time working on listing new polishes on Etsy and even more time working on some nail art for new blog posts! I hope you're having a good week too!

Today I just have a very quick post to show you one of my favourite new polishes. This is 'Gumballs' by models own. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know I'm a fan of models own for many reasons including their customer service, packaging and special offers, but most of all because they have beautiful polishes which apply well and dry quickly and this polish is no different!

This beautiful pink polish smells amazing (of gumballs, obviously), it has a great consistency so while it is thin enough to apply smoothly, it is pretty much opaque in one coat. My preference is always at least two coats though, so this is what these photos show.

The scent didn't last very long but while it did it was lovely and the colour and longevity of the polish more than made up for the scent 'running out' within a few hours. The polish held its own against bleach, washing up liquid, kitchen cleaner, glass cleaner, cuticle oil, hand cream, shampoo and much more!

Tara x

Friday, 14 August 2015

Current mani - Essie 'Just stitched' from the cashmere collection

Morning :D I hope you're having a good week! Mine has been super busy but fun! While I have ten minutes I thought I'd quickly show you my current mani.

I recently broke three nails and had to file them all down so I've been wearing pinks and nudes because I find they wear better on my shorter nails, while darker colours seem to chip easier. So today I'm wearing this Essie polish 'Just stitched' from their cashmere collection.

This polish is a pretty light pink with a beautiful reflective sparkle. I used three coats over a base of Duri Rejuvacote to get an opaque finish and this polish dries to a beautiful shimmery, matte finish so I haven't used any top coat.

Tara x

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

TarasTalons new releases

Hi! I have been so busy labelling, photographing and listing new polishes on (you can find a discount code here) I'll have new posts to show you soon!

In the meantime here's a peek at some of the new polishes in my Etsy shop!

Tara x

Thursday, 6 August 2015

LadyQueen nail art brush review - two manis!

Hi! I hope you're having a great week! Mine has been pretty busy but I've been fitting in some nail art so i have two manis to show you today!

The manis I have to show you today were done using some nail art brushes I was sent by LadyQueen. You can save 15% on all orders by using the code HSLC15 at the checkout.

These brushes are great! They're very fine so easy to work with and they stay nice and pliable too. a lot of my other brushes go stiff after one use and won't become soft again so these ones were great! Before I used them, they were quite stiff but I soaked a cotton pad in acetone and wiped over the bristles before I used them and they become really soft and flexible and stayed that way no matter how many times I used them.

The first mani I did, I used a nice polish as a base and then used the brushes and orange, red and purple acrylic paints to create a 'love' theme.

I don't usually do writing with acrylic paints and brushes but this (while not perfect) was easy to do.

I know the design isn't perfect but for my first practise with these brushes I love it!

For my second mani I used a yellow polish as the base and black, purple, red and orange acrylic paints.

I didn't really have a design in mind when I did this, I just wanted to create straight, diagonal and curved lines as well as squares, triangles and sots to see what the brushes could do.

It took me a few goes to work out how much paint I could pick up on the brush to work with and how much pressure I could use but they were easy to work with.

Between each colour I cleaned the brushes and was surprised how quickly they cleaned and dried and were ready to use again. I was also surprised I didn't have to prep with acetone each time!

Here is my finished design top coated.

You can order your brushes at using the code HSLC15 to save 15% on your entire order. 

Tara x