Tuesday, 28 July 2015

LadyQueen nail art review - Ombre with accents studs and layered studs!

Morning :) I've been very caught up in my writing recently so I've built up quite a haul of new polishes I want to show you! I'll have to spend a few days swatching! I hope you're having a good week!

Today I'm going to show you some nail art studs I was sent by LadyQueen. You can save 15% on all orders by using the code HSLC15 at the checkout.

I really like these studs, theres a great variety of shapes, sizes and colours so it's really easy to do lots of different types of designs and you can use them with any base colour. I've done two different designs to show you today but i have more sketched out so I'll show you those another time.

The first design I did was a great mani with a dry brushed ombre in pink, light pink, purple and lilac. I then accented the mani with bright pink circle studs from this wheel. I love these ones, they're a great colour, they're easy to apply using just top coat and they last well. Also they stay bright and shiny even if you top coat them!

The second mani I did was something I've never tried before but these studs inspired me! in the wheel there was a few different sizes of circles and squares, there were some 'sequin' circles so you can see through the centre and there were some teardrop studs which were slightly larger at the base than one of the circle studs. So, I decided to layer the studs!

I wasn't sure it would work, mainly I wasn't sure the studs would stick to each other but they did! They attached really well just using some top coat!

I used a gold Illamasqua polish as the base colour then I used the following studs on each nail;

Index finger - large pink stud, medium gold stud, small silver stud
Middle finger - medium purple stud, small silver stud
Ring finger - medium baby pink stud, medium blue sequin stud which allows the pink stud to show through the centre
Pinkie finger - silver teardrop stud with a small gold circle stud placed in the base of the teardrop

You can order your studs at www.ladyqueen.com using the code HSLC15 to save 15% on your entire order. 

Tara x

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Superdry 'Electric purple'

Morning :) I've been so busy I haven't had time to post much recently, sorry! I do have some great stuff coming up soon though!

Today I have a Superdry polish to show you which I love! I didn't even know Superdry did polishes until a few weeks ago when I saw loads in TK Maxx! This one is called 'Electric purple' which isn't a very good name for it in my opinion but it is a gorgeous polish! It applise really well and dries quickly too, I'm glad I picked up a few different shades and I'll definitely be looking out for more!

Over this polish I applied a diamante which reflects gold and purple, so it goes well with this polish. I also used a black pink feather from a Ciate kit I have.

Tara x

Monday, 20 July 2015

For Sale and reopening!

My Etsy shop www.etsy.com/tarastalons is currently open with very limited listings!

Also for sale I have some TarasTalons mystery bags. They will contain four TarasTalons polishes in either 5ml or 10ml bottles, depending what you choose.

The bags will not contain any duplicates
UK only
Postage is a standard £3 on all orders no matter how much you order

5ml bags are £12.80 plus postage
10ml bags are £20.00 plus postage

Please email tara@tarastalons.co.uk to order

Friday, 17 July 2015

Red, black, white and silver polka dot mani using Flash Nails, Wah London, Vivien Kondor, Pretty and Models own polishes!

Hi! I've been so busy the last few days, I have my little sisters staying with me because they're helping me label 2000 polishes! I've also been sorting out my nail polish collection and trying to catch up on some photos editing to show you some new stuff soon!

Today I'm going to show you a mani which I used lots of nail polishes to do so I'll just quickly list them all here.

Base coat - Vivien Kondor London
Top coat - Models own matte top coat

Index finger;
Base -  Wah Nails London 'Red'
Spots - Vivien Kondor London 'White', Models own 'Matt black' and Pretty 'Silver'

Middle finger;
Base - Vivien Kondor London 'Sparkly red'
Spots - Models own 'Matt Black

Ring finger;
Base - Flash Nails 'Grey matter'
Spots - Pretty 'Silver', Vivien Kondor London 'White', Wah Nails London 'Red'

Pinkie finger;
Base - Models own 'Matt black'
Spots - Pretty 'Silver'

This mani used lots of different polishes but I love it! It's the first time I've used Wah London polishes  and I was really impressed! This red applied really well, built to opacity in two coats and dried quickly to a lovely shine. I definitely want to add some more of these to my collection!

To do these dots I used some dotting tools that I found in Poundland which come in a pack of about five and are all different sizes, they work really well and make it really easy to do designs with different sized dots.

Tara x

Friday, 10 July 2015

Born Pretty Store - Map decal mani

Friday again! Woohoo! I've been spending my week mostly buying nail polish and watching cake tutorials on YouTube! I think I'll continue that through the weekend ;)

Today I have a mani to show you that I did using these map decals from Born Pretty Store.

These decals are really easy to use! I used a cream coloured polish as my base, I then cut out small sections of the map decal and soaked it in water, I removed them from the water after around 30 seconds and laid them onto a piece of cotton wool to soak up the excess water. I then picked up the piece of decal carefully and laid it on my nail. Once it was positioned I top coated with clear polish and the decal adhered to my nailmaking it easy to remove any excess.

If you have any more ideas of nail art designs you'd like to see just leave them in the comments, also if you've used these decals, feel free to link to your blog and I'll check it out :)

Click the picture below to visit www.bornprettystore.com and use the code TS10K31 to save 10% as well as getting free worldwide shipping!

Tara x