Sunday, 5 July 2015

UK indie nail polish month - CM Handmade, Enigma Nails, Frightfully Spectacular and Danglefoot Nail Polish

Hi! Are you having a good weekend? I'm having a pretty relaxing weekend, lots of playing games, reading and catching up on TV!

Today I'm showing you my second to last UK indie nail polish post that's run over from the last month! For this mani I used the following things; CM Handmade 'The purple sparkly one', Enigma Nails 'Black' and 'Essence Green', Frightfully Spectacular 'Shiny Disco Balls', Danglefoot Nail Polish 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. I also used nail art netting and a fab embellishment from Charlie's Nail Art.

I was kind of inspired by 80's disco so I used lots of sparkle and glitter, netting, a splash of neon and a light reflecting embellishment! Each nail was done using the following;

Index - The purple sparkly one with netting over it
Middle - Black with Shiny Disco Balls which is a gorgeous holo glitter topper
Ring finger - George's Marvellous Medicine, a bright blue with lots of sparkle and some neon pink
Little finger - Essence green with a light reflecting embellishment.

I used two coats of all the polishes except 'Shiny Disco Balls' which is one coat! All these polish are fab, i would recommend any of them to you!

Tara x

Friday, 3 July 2015

OPI - 'Kermit me to speak'

Good morning! It's taking me so long to actually get started on writing this post because I'm watching 'The other woman' and it keeps making laugh so much I can't type!

Today I'm going to show you my current favourite OPI polish! This is 'Kermit me to speak'.

Isn't it stunning! I used two coats to do this mani and the polish applied really well and built up to an opaque finish in those two coats. It also dried really fast! This is a great polish for a quick mani!

Tara x

Thursday, 2 July 2015

UK indie nail polish month - Enigma 'Passion pink' Mrs Cross Nail Shop 'Ethereal romantic', 'Blossoming romantic' and 'Gilded romantic'

Hi! Yesterday I spent most of the day reading and playing Playstation games so I'm not doing too well on the writing front so far this month! I hope you've managed to be more productive than me!

Talking of being behind on stuff, today I have a UK indie nail polish month mani to show you! I know June has finished but I just had to much to show you so I'm continuing it into this month a little bit!

For this mani I used polishes and nail art from Mrs Cross Nail ShopEnigma Nails and Charlie's Nail Art.

These polishes are all so pretty! The index and pinkie fingers are painted with Enigma nails 'Passion pink', the ring finger is Mrs Cross Nail Shop 'Ethereal romantic' and the middle nail is MCNS 'Blossoming romantic' with 'Gilded romantic' over it.

I placed the nail art by CNA so that Snow White and found her prince but Cinderella was still looking for hers to show that just because you haven't yet found your true love, doesn't mean they aren't out there :)

Tara x

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Native War Paints 'Confetti cannon'

Happy July! To celebrate a new month I'm going to show you a polish that is like a party on your nails! 'Confetti cannon' from Native War paints

I bought the white crelly version of this polish but you can also get it as a glitter topper! It's amazing! I'm not even going to try and put every glitter that's in this polish, it's crazy! The formula is great though, no fishing for glitters but it's not too thick and it dries nicely too. The glitter smoothed out with one coat of top coat.

Tara x

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Born Pretty Store embellishments and gold 'ancient' mani

Hi! I can't believe it's the last day of June already! I hope you've had a good month, mine has been pretty busy so it seems to have gone quite quickly, I'm hoping to find more time to write in July :) 

Today I'm going to show you an 'ancient' design I did recently using these embellishments from Born Pretty Store and gold nail polishes.

These embellishments are so cool, they come in four colours and all different shapes and they have a kind of cracked marble pattern on them, making them look kind of like old treasures or gemstones. They kind of made me think of a collection of Egyptian inspired jewellery I've recently seen somewhere so I paired them with gold for this mani.

The first thing I did was to apply two coats of a nude/beige polish to all the nails. I then used a light, medium and dark gold polish to 'swirl' or 'marble' to create the design. 

To do it I worked one nail at a time and added two to three drips of each polish to my nail. I then used a striper brush dipped in nail polish remover to swirl the polish around the nail.

I then worked one nail at a time again and applied top coat and then used tweezers to apply various gemstones to the base of all the nails except the index nail which I made a feature of by applying four gemstones. 

The little white ones are my favourites because I think they're the most versatile but they're all beautiful!

Click the picture below to visit and use the code TS10K31 to save 10% as well as getting free worldwide shipping!

Tara x